Anna Laudel Istanbul presents Serkan Küçüközcü’s solo exhibition titled “Un-limited Motion” between April 26 and June 10, 2022. The exhibition includes a collection of colourful paintings that take the viewer on a journey.

Depicting natural spaces in his paintings as an indicator of his relationship with life and nature, Küçüközcü focuses on landscape painting as a tool of contemporary art, reflecting the relationship of the outer world with our inner world.

In Küçüközcü’s brush strokes, the subconscious, which secretly plays an important role in daily life, appears on a plane surface where unlimited and timeless relationships are fictionalised. Inspired by his subconscious, the artist points to childhood and innocence by bringing fragments of games, toys and tales into the painting in a symbol-like manner. Evoking the feelings of desolation and timelessness, his objects and figures that take their place in the composition by turning the reality of the space upside-down, opens a door to surrealism.

The exhibition derives its name from the concept of unlimitedness. In this context, it reconciles the conscious and the subconscious, while at the same time interpreting them as the conflict area of the artist’s pictorial practice, moving from the traditional to the contemporary.

In Küçüközcü’s works, this conflict area, which seems like a continuous journey, opens up to the unlimitedness of the past and the future, of imagination and reality, and of matter and spirit.

Serkan Küçüközcü’s “Un-limited Motion”, featuring dreamlike landscape works, invites art lovers on a colourful journey and can be seen at Anna Laudel Istanbul until June 10, 2022.