Anna Laudel Istanbul presents Lal Batman’s solo exhibition “Exposé” between February 10 and April 10, 2022. The exhibition includes a wide range of works, from oil paintings to digital illustration, from holograms to NFT and video art, produced by digital and plastic art materials.

Curated by Assoc. Prof. Ebru Yetişkin, the exhibition presents by means of artistic research on how digital platforms contribute to socio-cultural change.

In today’s world, as the concept of ‘Metaverse’ enters our lives, Batman explores how digital communication technologies are used in everyday life. Inspired by observations and questioning of contemporary visual culture, Batman’s each selected work reflects our intertwined bodies, images and minds.

At the same time, instead of breaking the spell of the glittering lives that are increasingly exhibited and exposed under the influence of digital culture, the artist connects with the erotic nature of today’s desires to expose, reveal, watch (and to be watched), follow (and to be followed), peek and (to be peeked), and adds her own interpretations to these phenomena.

Focusing on current versions of these desires, “Exposé”, which means “to exhibit and to reveal”, takes a closer look at how we reflect each other and ourselves.

“Exposé” can be visited until April 10, 2022 at Anna Laudel’s gallery space located at Kazancı Yokuşu 45.

Photos by Kayhan Kaygusuz