Anna Laudel Bodrum presents Fırat Neziroğlu’s solo exhibition of his brand new works, titled “The Sea Inside of Me” between 18 June and 31 July at ZAİ Yaşam.

Fırat Neziroğlu transforms the traditional weaving form, which is one of the oldest arts known in Anatolia, into a unique contemporary weaving technique. Neziroğlu gives a different perspective to the classical weaving tradition by using the fishline for the first time, and he is widely noticed for this patented special weaving technique in contemporary art.

“The Sea Inside of Me” includes a selection of artworks that will be exclusively showcased at Anna Laudel Bodrum. The artist presents the four large carpet works referring to the first known Turkish carpet “Turkish Knot”, which came out of the Pazyryk burials.

In addition to these four carpets with softened corners and flowing fish patterns, the visitors will also enjoy the experience of seeing an interactive aquarium embroidery and a fish figurine in water. The exhibition, which also includes a video of Neziroğlu performing in the water, can be visited until July 31st 2022 at Anna Laudel Bodrum.