Anna Laudel Bodrum presents Ardan Özmenoğlu’s solo exhibition titled “Bodrumania” at ZAİ Yaşam, between August 5th and September 23rd, 2022.
Working with different materials including large scale glass sculptures, Post-Its and neon in her exhibition, Özmenoğlu focuses on the three symbols of Bodrum. The artist uses the blue of the sea, the pink of the bougainvillea flowers, and the white of the Bodrum houses and incorporates the dazzling beauty of the village, which has been a great source of inspiration for many prestigious artists such as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus and Zeki Müren.

The exhibition brings out the magical details of Bodrum such as its wondrous bays, breathtaking sunsets, and nights illuminated by the moonlight and invites the visitors to refresh their memory of this beloved village.

Featuring a selection of Ardan Özmenoğlu’s new artworks that reflects her joy in rediscovering Bodrum’s untouched bays, flora, architecture as well as its colorful nightlife, Bodrumania can be visited until the 23rd of September 2022, at Anna Laudel Bodrum.