Anna Laudel hosting Emin Mete Erdoğan’s solo exhibition titled “A.D.” from December 9, 2021 to February 3, 2022. Renowned for creating a sense of eternity and integrity in his works, the artist brings together a selection produced in different techniques, including painting and relief works.

The exhibition, the name of which gives the impression that the past is being referred to, actually focuses on the present and tries to understand the period the artist is living in. Erdoğan emphasises the fact that people define the present according to their own perceptions of the past, and suggests that history will change depending on the point a person sees his or her beginning.

Asking himself the question ‘Where should I start my personal beginning?’, the artist lays the foundation of this exhibition and invites art lovers to take part in a time travel that he embarked on in search of his own inception. Erdoğan’s journey starts from the beginning of the theory of evolution and includes the milestones in history such as declaration of human rights, the first emergence of philosophy, the foundations of quantum physics, the extinction of dinosaurs and the use of tools by human beings.

At the final stop of his journey, Erdoğan goes back approximately 4 billion years from now, to the moment when life first emerged from the inanimate. He accepts this point as his point of inception and reconstructs the present, himself and his environment around this idea. In his works displayed at the exhibition, he redefines concepts such as human, nature and vitality in view of 4 billion years ago.