Ardan Özmenoğlu has collected the neon works she has created between 2008 and 2020 in the poster book titled “You Like My Work Ha?”. Published by Anna Laudel, 500 signed editions of the artist book will be available for art lovers at the gallery as of December 2, 2021. A special selection of neon and glass works by the artist, will be exhibited simultaneously at Anna Laudel and can be viewed until January 7, 2022.

Known for her cult neon works on society, art and life, Özmenoğlu invites us to re-discover our own world and think it over.

“You Like My Work Ha?” tells the story of the neon artworks produced by the artist, who is recognised for her endless creativity and ability to question and approach simple and complex topics in a playful manner.

Each page of work in the book is designed as a poster and can be torn off like a stamp to provide the opportunity to hang your favorite artwork on your wall.

The book, which draws attention with its neon coloured cover and design, includes iconic works by the artist such as Cumaya gittim gelicem, 2008; Anlayana, 2013; DOES EXIST, 2014; Seni Sevmeyen Ölsün, 2015; Babam Sağolsun, 2017; Bunu ben de yaparım, 2019, and many more.