Peace, 2013, mixed media, 90cm

We can say that all Bilal Hakan Karakaya’s three dimensional visual creations, made with materials such as marble, stone, metal and wood, are designed in the manner of examining how senses that are rejected by our minds or how one’s feared phenomenons that are thrown into the subconsciousness are sheltered.

Especially recently made wooden graven sculptures, they will bring you into this unconscious area, into this hallucination, and you will yourself living a dream or illusion. By indicating deep unconscious fears, every individual’s discontents leaving a mark in personality, lack of confidence, feeling of protection artist incorporates wide cognitive area with the work area until he reaches mystical illusions from such sleep disorders as nightmares and puerperal fever also known as ‘sleep paralysis’ in medical literature taken from mythological characters of Anatolian culture.

Accordingly, artist sometimes takes stories from fairytales, sometimes from dreams, sometimes from mythic phenomenons described in Anatolian or Greek mythology and finds some way to send audience to a spiritual journey.


Incubus II, 2013, wood, 78x50x26 cm

Untitled, 2013, wood, 83x10x8 cm

Untitled, 2014, aluminum, 49x47x26 cm

Opening Pictures