ART350 is going to open the summer group exhibition with their represented artists. The exhibition which includes Ahad Saadi, Armando Rabadan, Arzu Başaran, Brigitte Spiegeler, Ruth Biller, Ekin Koç and Gazi Sansoy’s works is open till the summer ends.

The themes are about dreams, journays, moments, regeneration and identity which are connected to time,memories, hope and despair. Each work is far as far to the other and at the main time close to each other.

Some of the memories evoke feelings and hope which look over our mind. The exhibition is based on paintings and photographs composed of different techniques and focuses on the artists inner world.

The works are questioning the loss in today’s society where the family stays, relationships, their belongings and inner feelings. Each work has a unique personality. Iranian, Byzantine, Renaissance art mets contemporary art. Artists with different backgrounds from different generations and countries coming togehter in ART350.