Christiane Bühling:

“Helge Leiberg,

is a true artist, makes beautiful drawings, is involved in graphic design and is also musician.

Helge is very well-known for his performances with other musicians, Actors and authors.
He works as multi-media artist and is always involved in dance & music.

One of his major focus points is to capture in his own and very sensitive way various movements as moment-pictures, which he than transforms into true pictures. From a content point of view, most of the time his themes are already from the very beginning of his life as an artist all about classical subjects: Love, Death, Struggle between Man and Nature etc.

The Artist artistically creates the Fight of the sexes, which also means the struggle and fight with ourselves.

Woman and Man are positioned as vague erotic figures, who most of the time are involved in ecstatic movements, all creating the centre of the painting.
In his world of pictures and paintings, Leiberg creates a kind of emotions, which are independent from romantic transfiguration, but have to do all with honesty to yourself, your fellow-people and our overall existence.”