Walking towards yourself, into yourself, in a lonelines without encountering anyone in a long while. Walking to capture the human conditions, desires, sensations, quiteness, innocence, crimes, the bright and dark sides of human kind.
Emin Koç’s works are the bringing to light of the ambiguous visions which can be felt in the affection of experiences, thoughts, nights, dark and moon with lines, colors and mostly in the black which is deep dark and swallowing. Being nourished with the words of the poets like Rilke, Lorca, Neruda and Nazım, they become the images of his world as a figure of a little girl, a portrait and sometimes the body of a woman.
These visions are before us in this exhibition as quite simple and clear images. And the brute brush strokes of the lately works of the artist are also telling us that he has turned towards an expressive style.