Hayal İncedoğan – “In the Shade of Time”

Presenting a conceptual depth with her versatile productions, Hayal İncedoğan presents the collateral aspects of time, space and memory perception spectacularly in her exhibition “In the Shade of Time”.

The exhibition developed within a system of archiving plants, expressed with the term ‘herbarium’ in botanical science, and brings a new dimension and meaning in the minds of the audience by combining today’s visual experiences and memory. The exhibition narrates the approach of time through works from various disciplines in terms of perspective. The artist, who has connotations from the previous exhibitions, comes up with a new subject and material for each project. By taking this method as a principle, she pushes her limits.

The project, which the artist has developed by starting to photograph the plants she has grown, includes works that have emerged as a result of an accumulation of approximately five years, including the growth processes of the plants.

Taking motifs as a means of expression, İncedoğan uses a unique language by combining different materials and techniques. With the exhibition, she explores the intellectual as well as the intuitive possibilities of the concept. Since the motif is suitable for synthesizing the eastern and western culture, she emphasizes the importance of being open to the universal dialogue. The exhibition includes artists works with different techniques; painting, audio-video, neon, and installation works.

Photos by Kayhan Kaygusuz