Fırat Neziroğlu – “Selfie”

Fırat Neziroğlu transforms the traditional weaving form, which is one of the oldest arts known in Anatolia, into a unique contemporary weaving technique. Neziroğlu, which gives a different perspective to the classical weaving tradition with using the fish line for the first time in weaving, attracted great attention with patented special weaving technique of his own name. The “Selfie” exhibition questions the difference between the “selfie” image and the “weaved selfie” image which was accomplished in 600 hours. The exhibition invites the audience to be human with all their experience and to rediscover life by pulling out the monotony.

We forget the creativity of hands, which were seen as a divine gift in the old times in the modern age, as we do almost everything with one single finger click. Neziroğlu reminds us of the divine creativity of the hands with his woven works and builds bridges between the ancient times to the future.

Inviting the audience to an inner journey, Neziroğlu’s weaving consists of a rhythm. Neziroğlu offers vivid evidence of the rhythm of existence in his fabrics and makes the audience feel that the nodes of the fabrics are wandering in the dark and light sides, like the universe carefully created in 13 million years when nothing was present. This way, he explains that life is not stable and consists of the harmony between death and life, joy and pain, declines and ascents, separations and convergences, emptiness and fullness.

The artist’s latest acclaimed weaving work “Ahmet” will also be showcased in the exhibition.

Photos by Kayhan Kaygusuz