TRANSFIGURATIVE, will present works of Arzu Başaran from Istanbul and Ruth Biller from Berlin, both of whom share a concern for human transfigurations.
In the opening exhibition of the gallery, common expressions of the two Turkish and German women artists who have focused on the human figure, meet together in “Transfigurative”.

Arzu Başaran
Ruth Biller

Arzu Başaran on her work:
“Starting points of my works until today have been the human and the states of the human. In time, I centralized the similar identity problems of the geography I live in and memory, and I started to focus on forgetting and remembering. I have formed the lost faces through patterns and layers. Sometimes I have preferred to reveal the unequal and unfair cruelty and pressure of the strong on the weak through child and adolescent faces. Via my drawings, I have shown how the media trivialized this unequal and weird state. I have translated it into the language of art to prevent forgetting. As for me, every exhibition creates its own technique. The concept and method usually improve jointly. As long as there are non-recognized identities, forbidden languages at the place where I live, my conscience will keep speaking through the free expression of art.”

Ruth Biller on her work:
“In my work, sequences of movement originating in the human body and the human figure are the starting points for exploring and developing transformations. Using multiple layers of paint and overlaying sections, I create rhythmic picture sequences. In these investigations, in which I utilize real situations from media like photography, film and drawings (of bodies and space ), certain constellations develop, which I reorganize pictorially and translate into painting. Historical places and documents, architectural fields of tension, as well as poetically charged landscapes, direct the viewer’s attention to key points, which, to a degree, I intentionally stage.
This dramatization of a specific place, whether evoking the well-known or the exotic, serves to create a balance that entails the use of bodies, and which expresses the collective
attitude towards the place.”