Tiger Boxer, 1999, Colour beads sewn on fabric, 114×135 cm

Alfredo García Revuelta was born in 1961 in Madrid, Spain. He describes himself as an artist at heart, a citizen of the world and inveterate traveller.

The artist cleverly resolves material problems with the plastic and creates ironic and caricatured figures in his works. His post-cubist approach, combined together with influences from Spanish cartoons, play ironically with classical ideal forms and ideologies. It is these characteristics of the works that invite the audience to experience Revuelta’s creative and yet sarcastic world through the themes and visual details.

“Walk Backwards with the Front View” is a solo show that gathers the artist’s latest sculptural works and creates a significant journey through an extensive period of his career. The artist emphasizes creative originality throughout his works by constantly leaving behind what is already known to work, and makes his own path to move on. The variety of his works gives the impression of an artistic traveller, resisting the temptation to ‘settle down’ into an artistic niche. This not only brings a constant change to the theme of the series, but also, a variety of materials used, from the most traditional to the most modern. The artist’s fear of repeating himself makes the works uniquely difficult to classify.

The artist says: “I keep my eyes and ears open but not too much, because the world I’m creating is being built back to the fragile and brief trends imposed by the market” and expresses that he not only knows the dangers of being an outsider, but also the immense benefits of being oneself; someone trying hard not to be polluted. He claims that, little by little, he started to give shape to a very personal world which is constantly evolving, and has grown along with him to the present day.

Revuelta explains his work as “the poetry of everyday irony between sense of humour and the reflection of loneliness”. These works are the result of his specific perspective on life, combined with his sense of humour as well as his personal attitudes towards pain, love, loneliness and absence. Despite the immediate playfulness of these works, there is a lot of drama, just under the surface awaiting the keen observer…


Untitled, 1994, 132×178 cm

Trapped by time, 2002, 137×70 cm

Pliers, 1994, 80x30x25 cm

Canary in the cage, 2000, 66x35x14 cm

Around the world, 2013, 0,7 cm Mirror tiles on epoxy putty, 182x45x50 cm