Anna Laudel Düsseldorf is thrilled to present esteemed artist Michael von Hassel and his latest work series, ‘Bundesliga Cathedrals’,  in celebration of UEFA EURO 2024.

Over an extraordinary five-year period, Michael von Hassel embarked on an ambitious project, visiting all 36 stadiums in the first and second Bundesliga. His distinctive approach offers an unparalleled view of these iconic sites of German football culture. Captured in a nocturnal setting, these stadiums are depicted in a deserted yet brilliantly illuminated state, providing a fresh perspective on familiar landmarks.

Von Hassel’s work offers a new lens through which to view these celebrated venues, which hundreds of thousands of football fans flock to each weekend.

The stadiums have never been presented in this way before. Each image in the series is meticulously crafted from approximately 90 individual shots combined through an elaborate production process.

The preparatory phase for von Hassel involved 36 intensive negotiations with crucial figures in the sporting world. The final result of this extensive work is a series of images that offer an unprecedented representation of football stadiums bathed in night-time silence yet illuminated with radiant light. Such a scene is typically unimaginable, as stadium lights are not usually on when empty, and turf solariums are often present to nurture the grass.

Von Hassel’s series captures not only the physical essence of these Bundesliga ‘Cathedrals’ but also their emotional essence, uniting different religions, multi-cultural backgrounds, generations, and social classes under one roof in the spirit of football. His exhibition invites viewers on a journey through stadiums that hold deep significance for many, inspiring a sense of unity and shared passion.

Coinciding with the European Championship in Germany, the book ‘Bundesliga Cathedrals’ has been published by Callwey. The esteemed German artist Michael von Hassel’s new exhibition ‘Cathedrals’ can be visited from 13 June to 20 July 2024 at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf.

With the kind support of the German Football Museum