Dissolving the boundary between technology and sculpture, Mathias Hornung showcases his first solo exhibition at Anna Laudel Istanbul. Hornung draws a bow from the woodcut into the digital world and situates his images thematically and structurally in the confusing present. By doing that he questions the multi-layered and at the same time incalculable dimensions of dealing with information in an irritating way.

Hornung, symbolizes different ages, each re-enlightens itself, expands into new possibilities, commonalities, and points of view with wood, paper, and technological devices used in his artworks. In a world of ever more perfect technical images and the medial flood of images, he links their codes with the old process of high pressure with his direct manual access to sensual immediacy, to corporeality and haptics.

Artworks based on rectangular grids printed either on paper or three-dimensionally on the wood are sensual and at the same time conceptual images that play with the space and interspace between media and materials. In his woodblock prints, Mathias Hornung presents the past, present, and future’s oscillating relationship. Topography, as well as time and space, play an important role in his works, but the ultimate idea behind his works is the break from the perfect, even and regular web of life.

“Echos” can be seen at Anna Laudel Istanbul until 28 February 2021.

Photos by Kayhan Kaygusuz