ART350 presents leading young artist of Turkish Contemporary Art: Gazi Sansoy “No Name Silhouettes” exhibition of paintings. Exhibition can be visited daily between June 7-30.

Özge Altınkaya Erkök comments on Gazi Sansoy’s works: “Starting point for the No Name Silhouettes Series is Gazi Sansoy’s great admiration for the Renaissance paintings and his desire to exist within them. Works he created with this humane and childish passion have extended their limits to human history, art history and consumer culture in time. Sansoy takes spectacular examples of European painting during Renaissance and prints them on canvas with digital printing. In a way, he erases the figure from paintings whose basic element is the figure. He only deletes visible parts of the skin of the figure with his skilful colouring. What remains are decoration, scenery, empty clothes, and a huge emptiness waiting to be filled. To represent himself, the artist fills the emptiness turned into stained areas with pop colours which he loves with passion. He brings himself into existence in these paintings with wide coloured areas replacing the figure. Contrary to the strong shade and light effects of the paintings, these foreign colours are completely homogenous. Colours which fill the blanks are generally bright and vivid. Renaissance brings reality to these paintings. Sansoy brings his own reality to these paintings. He admires them and he wants an existence within them. He wishes to exist within them in the way he wants to exist: neither in the ideal nor in the real way. No Name Silhouettes Series encourages questioning and challenging what is presented as ideal or real with modern reality and perspective of contemporary artist. Every single spectator and every single mind are free to think about their existence and their images. This is a point beyond time in which Sansoy meets with Renaissance artists irony.”