Flóra Borsi is a young Hungarian photographer and graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Flóra Borsi is 23 years old and lives in Hungary. She has been dabbling in digital manipulation since 2004, but her photography didn’t really take off until 2007. In her photographs she tries, “to visualize the physically impossible,” and, “to communicate emotions, dreams and humour.”

“I usually do self-portraits, concept, photo-manipulations, fashion. The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible. With the portraits I’m trying to mediate. Using myself as a model makes it easier for me to express my ideas and fantasies, even if it means working until 2 am. I can visualize my ideas more effectively and execute them right away. I haven’t mentioned my style, because I think it hasn’t totally emerged, and it’s still developing and forming.”

Flóra Borsi, Don’t, 2015, Giclée Print on Hahnemühle Paper, 100 × 100 cm