Anna Laudel Istanbul concludes the 2023 exhibition program with a display of Ekin Su Koc’s solo exhibition titled “The Rebirth of Venus“. Features a captivating collection of artworks which Ekin Su Koç commenced in Berlin and completed in Ayvalık, the exhibition delves into the complex themes of body perception, gender biases, and the essence of femininity.

Koç’s artistic practice is informed by consistently evolving dialogues about migration, displacement, gender dynamics, nature, and body perception. “Rebirth of Venus” connects personal and societal points of reference, welcoming visitors to experience a profound narrative throughout the exhibition from November 11th until December 31st, 2023.

The exhibition’s title refers to Botticelli’s famous painting “The Birth of Venus,” a masterpiece from the 15th-century when the Renaissance era was thriving in Florence and its adjacent regions.
The curatorial choices for the exhibition are reflected in a selection of pieces that celebrate those who identify beyond conventional gender norms and thrive in the unifying potency of art and aesthetics.

Ekin Su Koç reimagines and emancipates the female figures from the well-known works of art history with her modern and provocative style. Ekin Su Koç’s contemporary approach reinterprets these time-honoured works to protest against and alter the objectification of the female form. Noteworthy pieces such as ‘Three Beauties for Themselves,’ ‘Only Two Beauties,’ ‘Rebirth of Venus,’ ‘Recreation of Adam,’ ‘Child with a Pearl Necklace,’ and ‘River Flowers Where Ophelia Didn’t Drown,’ challenge conventional perspectives and aesthetic norms with a touch of humour.

“The Rebirth of Venus” encompasses a diverse array of Ekin Su Koç’s works, spanning various techniques and media including paint on canvas, collage on paper, and epoxy on canvas. These pieces magnify the inherent beauty and diversity of the human body, while defying binary gender stereotypes as well as limitations related to age and skin tone. Koç’s creations also delve into critical themes such as femininity, feminine creativity, and the dismantling of patriarchal structures.

Utilising the liberating potency of art to highlight the diverse nature of the female body, Ekin Su Koç’s solo exhibition “The Rebirth of Venus” will be on display at Anna Laudel Istanbul until December 31, 2023.