Ahad Saadi was born in 1980 in Tabriz, Iran. He always wanted to be an artist and started his own art and style in 1999. He had several shows and rewards till 2008 which he registered AZARNEGARI as new and unique style in his name with Ministry of Culture of Iran.
AZARNEGARI is a combination of AZAR, means fire, and NEGARI,it means writing and drawing, in Persian language to show that works are done with fire and heat. Colored Fabric and Thermal Items are the main tools in this style. There is no place for any kind of Glue or Paint in this method. Special Methods with several Layers of Fabrics are giving very nice solid three-dimensional. Miniature, Illumination and illuminated manuscript, Modern and 3D Items are used with new ideas in the works.

“I wish a day, that in the Glossary of nations, peace is the first word , that children learn..”
(Martin Luther King).
In “the peace Ambassador” which has been made in shape of pottery (pottery is used as a symbol which keeps the water to water the “thirst”) and has olden Iranian flowers named “Khatayii” inside & outside of it. In outer side of this work 10 signs which are an invitation to Peace, Love and Friendship; are used while the inner side is showing the people who are prisoned with holding a hope of reaching to freedom and peace with sending the bird as a The Peace Ambassador.