Daniele Sigalot was born in Rome in 1976. He is creatively raised in the advertising field, where he works for seven years among several agencies in Italy, Spain and Great Britain. In 2007 he quits his job as creative in Saatchi & Saatchi London to dedicate himself full time to the artistic project named Blue & Joy, which he founded with Fabio La Fauci in 2005. The project’s name becomes for years a real nom de plume of  the Sigalot/La Fauci duo that continues a prolific four-handed production till 2013. At the end of 2014 this duo dissolves its partnership and Daniele Sigalot goes on in his solo career focusing his works on installations.
The centre of his research spins around the ambiguity between the perception of the materials he uses, and their actual nature, creating a contrast that is the core of his entire production. His most recognizable works are certainly the massive paper planes installations, apparently made out of the most ephemeral material, while actually crafted out of metal.


Solo exhibitions (selection)

“Empires Ago”, Anna Laudel Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey

“A Brand New Repetition”, Siyah Beyaz, Ankara, Turkey
“Dolom”, Archeological Museum of Potenza, Italy
“Everything is Already Yours”, Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

“Perdere il plurale/Losing the Plural”, Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery, Milano, Italy
“Spielraum”, Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

“An Inevitable Success”, Ca’ d’Oro Gallery, New York, USA
“Atterrare stanca / Landing Tired”, Ca’ d’Oro Gallery, Rome, Italy
“Artist Residency”, Ca’ D’Oro Gallery, Miami, USA

“Anche il vento si perde a Napoli / Even the Wind Gets Lost in Naples”, Royal Palace, Naples, Italy
“The Future is Bright, The Past is Black and White”, PSH Project Gallery, Miami, USA
“My Childhood is Getting Older”, Museum of Palazzo Poggi, Bologna, Italy

“Even the Wind Gets Lost”, The Three Year Museum, Milano, Italy
“Ode to ADHD”, The Art Agency, Cologne, Germany
“The Angle of God”, Church of San Matteo (Claudio Poleschi Contemporary Art), Lucca, Italy
“The Superficial Essence of a Deep Appearance”, Artra Gallery, Milano, Italy

“The Uncomfortable Awakenings of a Serial Dreamer”, Art Hall Platoon, Berlin, Germany
“The Discipline of Chaos”, Spazio Bet, Bologna, Italy

“The Wind Doesn’t Have a Plan”, Freedom Tower Museum, Miami, USA
“Blue and Joy and the Broken Kaleidoscope”, Independent Ideas, Milano, Italy
“L’amore non si cura / Love Does Not Care”, Gallery Mayoral, Barcelona, Spain

“Dream Hunters”, Ferragamo Off Event Frieze, London, England
“Faster Than Dreams”, Independent Ideas, Torino, Italy

“My Heart is Not Even Waterproof”, Maggiore Square – public installation, Bologna, Italy
“Greatest Failures”, Borgonuovo Space, Milano, Italy
“Mi dispiace non può entrare / I’m Sorry I Can Not Enter”, Internal Space, Lugano, Swiss
“Towards Disaster With Optimism”, Thirteen Langton Street Gallery, London, England

“The Wall of Blue and Joy”, The Diesel Wall – Public installation, Milano, Italy
“The Sixth Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Atzaro, Ibiza

“The Fifth Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Spazioinmostra Gallery, Milano, Italy
“The Fourth Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Workshop Gallery 14, Roma, Italy
“The Third Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Market Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

“The Second Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Bikes, Milano, Italy
“The First Exhibition of Blue and Joy”, Farm 4, Barcelona, Spain


Group exhibitions (selection)

“Segrete”, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy

“Prologue”, Spaziomr, Rome, Italy

“Italia – China Biennal”, Bejing, China

“Divina Commedia / Divine Comedy”, PAN (Palace of the Arts in Naples), Naples, Italy

“Nanjing Biennal”, Nanjing, China
“A.A.A. L’Arte di Amare L’arte”, Uffizi, Florance, Italy
“Hard Left 2”, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“Sweet Art”, PAC (Pavillion Of Contemporary Art), Milano, Italy